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EN IEC 55015-2019 pdf free

EN IEC 55015-2019 pdf free.Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment.
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in IEC 60050-161.
IEC 62504. IEC 60050-845 and the following apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresse s:
●IEC Electropedia available at http //www electropedia org/
●ISO Online browsing platform. available at http://www iso org/obp
3.2 General terms and definitions
3.2.1 base of the luminaire mounting surface of the luminaire in normal use. usually the side opposite of the optical window
3.2.2  clock frequency fundamental frequency of any signal used in the EUT excluding those generated inside an integrated circuit (IC) and which are solely used inside the same IC without being accessible outside that IC. and excluding those used exclusively for radio transmission or radio receiving functions
3.2.3 ELV extra-low voltage voltage which does not exceed 50 V AC or 120 V ripple free DC between conductors or between any conductor and earth (voltage band 1 of IEC 60449) applied to load interfaces supplying power to lighting equipment. excluding interfaces used for communication or data transfer
Note 1 to entry: Ripple free i5 conventionally defined for sinusoidal fipple votage as ripple content of not more than 10 % RMS: the maximum peak value does not exceed 140 V for a nominal 120 V nipple-tree DC system. [SOURCE: IEC 61347-1:2015 + AMD1:2017. 3.27. modfied一The definition has been rephrased ]
3.2.4 inductive power transfer process of inductive transfer of electrical energy over time from a source to a separate load when these are placed in physical (but not electrical) contact or in close proximity with each other
3.2.5 optical window side of the lighting equipment from which the light emanates
3.2.6  primary function function of an equipment which is defined as such by the manufacturer
3.2.7 secondary function any function of an equipment not being essential for ufilling the primary function, defined by the manufacturer
3.2.8 test arrangement specific arrangement of the EUT, cabling and auiiary equipment during the test
3.3 Terms and definitions related to equipment
3.3.1 advertising sign unit which makes use of lighting for advertising. traffic signage. road signs or alike
3.3.2 ancillary equipment transducers (e g. current and voltage probes and artificial networks) and other equipment (e.g. cables, pre amplifier. attenuators, fiters. adapters) connected to a measuring receiver or to the EUT and used in the disturbance signal transfer between the EUT and the me asuring receiver.EN IEC 55015 pdf free download.

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