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EN IEC 61293-2020 pdf download

EN IEC 61293-2020 pdf download.Marking of electrical equipment with ratings related to electrical supply – Safety requirements (IEC 61293:2019).
4 Marking requirements
4.1 Basic requirements
Electric equipment shall be marked with electrical ratings on the equipment by a suitable method, for example, by means of name-plates or labels. The markings shall be legible, visible and durable throughout the anticipated life of the equipment, taking into account the environmental conditions in operation. Consideration should also be given to the visibility of the marking during normal operation of the equipment.
A marking shall not be placed on a part intended to be removed, except where the marking is placed on an enclosure which is intended to be removed in order to install the equipment and put back in place once the equipment is installed.
Requirements as to the material, method and location of the marking for the different product types are the responsibility of the relevant technical committee.
Some equipment requires the marking of both input and output characteristics. In such cases, consideration shall be given to provide markings for output as well as for input characteristics.
Some electric equipment may be designed for use on more than one supply voltage or frequency. On some equipment, the user may be required to make adjustments for use on a supply system with a given nominal voltage. Some equipment is designed to operate on several nominal voltages or over a voltage range without any adjustment and is marked accordingly. In such cases the equipment shall be properly marked so that the user can apply the equipment in a safe way.
If special requirements as to the power quality of the power supply are necessary for the safe operation of the equipment, such requirements shall be provided as markings.
Ratings shall be marked with standard abbreviations according to IEC 60445 or with standard graphical symbols taken from IEC 60417, IEC 60617 or ISO 7000. Examples of such standard abbreviations are shown in Table A.2.
Physical quantities shall be expressed using only the numerical value and their decimal multiples and submultiples followed by the unit symbol as specified in IEC 60027, IEC 80000 (all parts), or ISO 80000 (all parts).
International Standards shall only use SI units, as given in the various parts of ISO 80000 and
IEC 80000.
Dimensions and tolerances shall be indicated in an unambiguous manner.
4.2 Marking of electric equipment with its characteristics
4.2.1 General
Equipment shall be marked as specified in 4.1 with rated values and other characteristics related to any electricity supply.
Each technical committee shall select the characteristics listed in 4.2 necessary to enable the proper and safe application of equipment. Ratings and other characteristics which are not necessary may be omitted.EN IEC 61293 pdf download.

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