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EN IEC 62031:2008 pdf free.LED modules for general lighting – Safety specifications.
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60598-1:2014, Luminaires — Part 1: General requirements and tests IEC 60598-1:2014/AMD1:2017
IEC 61032:1997, Protection of persons and equipment by enclosures — Probes for verification
IEC 61347-1:2015, Lamp controlgear — Part 1: General and safety requirements IEC 61347-1:20151AM01:2017
IEC 62471:2006, Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems
IEC 62504, General lighting — Light emitting diode (LED) products and related equipment — Terms and definitions
IEC TR 62778:2014, Application of IEC 62471 for the assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaires
ISO 4046-4:2016, Paper, board, pulp and related terms — Vocabulary — Part 4: Paper and board grades and converted products
ISO 7089:2000, Plain washers — Normal series — Product grade A
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in IEC 62504 and the following apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
●IEC Electropedia: available at ht://ww.electropedia.org/
●ISO Online browsing platform: available at http://www iso.org/obp
4 General requirements
4.1 LED modules shall be so designed and constructed that they operate without danger to the user or surroundings when used as intended (see manufacturer’s instructions).
NOTE lEC61347-1:2015. Annex S gives examples of insulation coordination which can be appropriate for LED
4.2 LED modules shall be classified, according to the method of installation, as:
— built-in.
— independent, or
— integral.
4.3 For non-integrated LED modules and semi-integrated LED modules, all electrical measurements, unless otherwise specified, shall be carried out at voltage limits (minlmax), current limits (minlmax) or power limits (mm/max) and minimum frequency, in a draught-free room at the temperature limits of the allowed range specified by the manufacturer. Unless the manufacturer indicates the most critical combination, all combinations (mm/max) of voltage/currentlpower and temperature shall be tested.
4.4 For integrated LED modules, the electrical measurements shall be carried out at the tolerance limit values of the rated supply voltage.
4.5 Integral LED modules not having their own enclosure shall be regarded as integral components of luminaires according to IEC 60598-1:2014. 05.1.
4.6 In addition to the requirements of this document, independent LED modules shall comply with IEC 60598-1:2014 and IEC 60598-1:2014/AMD1:2017.
4.7 If the LED module is a factory sealed unit, it shall not be opened for any tests. In case of doubt based on the inspection of the LED module and the examination of the circuit diagram, and in agreement with the manufacturer or responsible vendor, such specially prepared LED modules shall be submitted for testing so that a fault condition can be simulated.
4.8 For LED modules with integrated controlgear providing SELV, the requirements according to IEC 61347-1:2015 and IEC 61347-1:2015/AMD1:2017, Clauses L.5, L.6, L.7, L.8, L.9, L.10, and L.11 apply.EN IEC 62031 pdf download.

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