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IEC 60320-2-1-2018 pdf free

IEC 60320-2-1-2018 pdf free.Appliance couplers for household and similar general purposes – Part 2-1: Sewing machine couplers.
7 ClassIfication of appliance couplers
This clause of lEG 60320-1 applies amended as follows:
7.1 Replacement:
Sewing machine couplers are for cold conditions only (maximum pin temperature of the sewing machine inlet not exceeding 70 °C).
7.2 Replacement
Sewing machine couplers are classified according to the type of sewing machine to be connected:
— sewing machine couplers for class I sewing machines:
— sewing machine couplers for class II sewing machines.
8 Marking
This clause of lEG 60320-1 applies.
9 Dimensions and compatibility
This clause of lEG 60320-1 applies amended as follows:
9.3 Addition:
For sewing machine couplers no standard sheets have been included, but the following dimensional requirements apply.
In sewing machine connectors, the socket contacts shall be recessed so as to comply with the distances specified in Clause 26. This dimension shall be equal, if possible, to the dimension specified on the standard sheet in lEG 60320-3 for a similar connector.
A sewing machine connector with entry holes having a diameter or a width not exceeding
3 mm and recessed not less than 3 mm, as measured from the engagement face, is
considered to be acceptable, if these dimensions are similar to those given in Standard
Sheets Cl, C5 and C7 of lEG 60320-3.
The internal length of the socket contact shall be such that the contact overlap between the socket contact and the corresponding pin of the sewing machine inlets is not less than 4 mm.
Aditional subclause (following 9.5):
9.101 Interchangeability
Sewing machine couplers shall not be interchangeable with connectors or appliance inlets complying with the standard sheets in IEC 60320-3.
10 Protection against electric shock This clause of IEC 60320-1 applies.
11 Provision for earthing
This clause of IEC 60320-1 applies.
12 Terminals and terminations
This clause of IEC 60320-1 applies amended as follows:
12.2 Addition:
Rewirable sewing machine connectors shall have terminals with a rated connecting capacity of 1 mm2 for flexible conductors.
Additional subclause (following 12.2):
12.101 The terminal(s) in rewirable sewing machine connectors to which more than one conductor shall be connected, shall be checked with the number of conductors to be connected.
13 Construction
This clause of IEC 60320-1 applies with the following additions:
Additional subclauses (following 13. 1):
13.101 LocatIon of contacts
Sewing machine connectors shall not have contacts which are recessed in grooves or the like.
NOTE This requirement applies in all cases, even if the contacts are not accessib’e with the standard test finger.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
13.102 Connectors with additional SELV contacts
Sewing machine connectors containing contacts both for the supply voltage and for SELV shall be non-rewirable.
Compliance is checked by inspection.IEC 60320-2-1 pdf download.

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