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IEC 60332-1-3-2015 pdf free download

IEC 60332-1-3-2015 pdf free download.Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions – Part 1-3: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable – Procedure for determination of flaming droplets/particles.
5 Procedure
5.1 Sample
The test sample shall be a piece of insulated conductor or cable (600 ± 25) mm long.
The test sample diameter shall be measured using the method given in IEC 60811-203. The measurement shall be made at each of three places, separated by at least 100 mm.
The average of the three values obtained shall be rounded to obtain the overall diameter. If the calculation gives 5 or more for the second decimal figure, raise the first to the next number; thus, for example, 5.75 is rounded to 5,8. If the calculation gives 4 or less for the second decimal figure. maintain the first number; thus, for example, 5.74 is rounded to 5,7.
The overall diameter obtained shall be used for the selection of the time for flame application.
5.2 Conditioning
Before testing, all test pieces shall be conditioned at (23 ± 5) DC for not less than 16 h at a relative humidity of (50 ± 20) %.
In the case of an insulated conductor or cable with a finish of paint or lacquer, this conditioning shall follow an initial period where the test piece shall be kept at a temperature of (60 ± 2) DC for 4 h.
5.3 Positioning of test piece
The test piece shall be straightened and secured to two horizontal supports by means of a suitable size of copper wire, in a vertical position in the centre of the metal enclosure, as described in  IEC 60332-1-1, so that the distance between the bottom of the upper support and the top of the lower support is (550 ± 5) mm. In addition, the test piece shall be positioned so that the bottom of the specimen is approximately 50 mm from the base of the screen enclosure (see Figure 1).
5.4 Flame application Safety warning
Precautions shall be taken to safeguard personnel against the following when conducting tests:
a) the risk of fire or explosion;
b) the inhalation of smoke and/or noxious products, particularly when halogenated materials are burned;
c) harmful residues.IEC 60332-1-3 pdf download.

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