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IEC 60335-1-2001 pdf free

IEC 60335-1-2001 pdf free.Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements.
Unless otherwise specified, the tests are carried out in accordance with this clause.
5.1 Tests according to this standard are type tests.
NOTE Routine tests are described in annex A.
5.2 The tests are carried out on a single appliance that shall withstand all the relevant tests.
However, the tests of clauses 20, 22 (except 22.11 and 22.18) to 26, 28, 30 and 31 may be carried out on separate appliances. The test of 22.3 is carried out on a new appliance.
NOTE 1 Additional samples may be required if the appliance has to be tested under difterent conditions, ftor example if it can be supplied with different voltages.
If an intentionally weak part becomes open circuit during the tests of clause 19, an additional appliance may be needed.
The testing of components may require the submission of additional samples of these components.
If the test of annex C has to be carried out, six samples of the motor are needed.
If the tests of annex G are carried out, four additional transformers are needed.
If the tests of annex H are carried out, three switches or three additional appliances are needed.
NOTE 2 The cumulative stress resulting from successive tests on electronic circuits is to be avoided. It may be necessary to replace components or to use additional samples. The number of aditional samples should be kept to a minimum by an evaluation of the relevant electronic circuits.
NOTE 3 If an appliance has to be dismantled in order to carry out a test, care is to be taken to insure that it is reassembled as originally supplied. In case of doubt, subsequent tests may be carried out on a separate sample. 5.3 The tests are carried out in the order of the clauses. However, the test of 22.11 on the appliance at room temperature is carried out before the tests of clause 8. The tests of clause 14 and 22.24 are carried out after the tests of clause 29.
If it is evident from the construction of the appliance that a particular test is not applicable, the test is not carried out.
5.4 When testing appliances that are also supplied by other energies such as gas, the influence of their consumption has to be taken into account.
5.5 The tests are carried out with the appliance or any movable part of it placed in the most unfavourable position that may occur in normal use.
5.6 Appliances provided with controls or switching devices are tested with these controls or devices adjusted to their most unfavourable setting, if the setting can be altered by the user.IEC 60335-1 pdf download.

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