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IEC 60364-4-41-2017 pdf free download

IEC 60364-4-41-2017 pdf free download.Low-voltage electrical installations – Part 4-41: Protection for safety – Protection against electric shock.
The exposed-conductive-parts of the equipment of the FELV circuit shall be connected to the protective conductor of the primary circuit of the source, provided that the primary circuit is subject to protection by automatic disconnection of supply described in 411 .3 to 411.6.
411.7.4 Sources
The source of the FELV system shall be either a transformer with at least simple separation between windings or shall comply with 414.3.
NOTE If the system is supplied from a higher voltage system by equipment which does not provide at least simple separation between that system and the FELV system, such as autotransformers. potentiometers, semiconductor devices. etc. the output circuit is deemed to be an extension of the input circuit and should be protected by the protective measure applied in the input circuit.
411.7.5 Plugs and socket-outlets
Plugs and socket-outlets for FELV systems shall comply with all the following requirements:
— plugs shall not be able to enter socket-outlets of other voltage systems.
— socket-outlets shall not admit plugs of other voltage systems, and
— socket-outlets shall have a protective conductor contact.
412 Protective measure: double or reinforced insulation
412.1 General
41 2.1.1 Double or reinforced insulation is a protective measure in which
— basic protection is provided by basic insulation, and fault protection is provided by supplementary insulation, or
— basic and fault protection is provided by reinforced insulation between live parts and accessible parts.
NOTE This protective measure is intended to prevent the appearance of dangerous voltage on the accessible parts 01 electrical equipment through a fault in the basic insulation.
The protective measure by double or reinforced insulation is applicable in all situations, unless some limitations are given in the corresponding Part 7 of lEG 60364.
Where this protective measure is to be used as the sole protective measure (i.e. where a whole installation or circuit is intended to consist entirely of equipment with double insulation or reinforced insulation), it shall be verified that effective measures, for example by adequate supervision, are in place so that no change can be made that would impair the effectiveness of the protective measure.
Therefore this protective measure shallnot be applied to any circuit that includes, for example, a socket-outlet with an earthing contact.IEC 60364-4-41 pdf download.

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