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IEC 60584-1-2013 pdf free

IEC 60584-1-2013 pdf free.Thermocouples – Part 1: EMF specifications and tolerances.
This part of IEC 60584 specifies reference functions and tolerances for letter-designated thermocouples (Types R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N, C and A). Temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius based on the International Temperature Scale of 1990. ITS-90 (symbol t90), and the EMF (symbol E) is in microvolts.
The reference functions are polynomials which express the EMF, E in jaV, as a function of temperature t90 in °C with the thermocouple reference junctions at 0 °C. Values of EMF at intervals of 1 °C are tabulated in Annex A.
For convenience of calculating temperatures, inverse functions are given in Annex B which express temperature as functions of EMF within stated accuracies.
This International Standard specifies the tolerances for thermocouples manutactured in accordance with this standard. The tolerance values are for thermocouples manufactured from wires, normally in the diameter range 0,13 mm to 3,2 mm. as delivered to the user and do not allow for calibration drift during use.
Annex C gives guidance on the selection of thermocouples with regard to temperature range and environmental conditions.
2 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
2.1 thermoelectric effect Seebeck effect
production of an electromotive force (EM F) due to a temperature gradient along a conductor
2.2 Seebeck coefficient of a thermocouple
change in EMF of a thermocouple combination per unit of temperature change, being the first derivative of EMF with respect to temperature.
Note 1 to entry: The Seebeck coethcient dE/dt, is expressed In *VtC.
2.3 thermocouple
pair of conductors of dissimilar materials joined at one end and forming part of an arrangement using the thermoelectric effect for temperature measurement
2.4 measuring junction
junction of the thermocouple subjected to the temperature to be measured
2.5 reference junction
junction of the thermocouple at a known (reference) temperature
Note 1 to entry: For the specified EMFs of this standard, the relerence temperature is 0 C.
2.6 tolerance
maximum initial permissible deviation from the EMF specification of this standard
Note I to entry: The tolerance is expressed as the temperature equivalent in degrees Celsius Celsius (CC).
3 Thermocouple designations
When a thermocouple is identified by the materials of its conductors, the positive conductor shall be listed first, thus: positive conductor I negative conductor’.
The positive conductor is the conductor having a positive electric potential with respect to the other conductor when the measuring junction is at a higher temperature than the reference junction.
Table 1 lists the thermocouple types for which EMFs are specified in this standard. Each letter designation of the table identifies the EMF-temperature reference function in the Tables 2 to 11. The designation may be applied to any thermocouple conforming to the relevant function within the stated tolerances specified in Clause 5, regardless of its composition.
Conformity with alloy specification listed in this clause does not guarantee conformity with the EMF-temperature relationship of this standard.IEC 60584-1 pdf free download.

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