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IEC 60598-1-2020 pdf free

IEC 60598-1-2020 pdf free.Luminaires – Part 1: General requirements and tests.
0.3.1 Luminaires shall be so designed and constructed that in normal use they function safely and cause no danger to persons or surroundings. In general, compliance is checked by carrying out all the tests specified.
0.3.2 A luminaire shall comply with a part of IEC 60598-2. If, however, an appropriate part of IEC 60598-2 does not exist for a particular luminaire or group of luminaires, the nearest applicable part of IEC 60598-2 may be used as a guide to the requirements and tests.
Where the design of a luminaire is such that two or more parts of IEC 60598-2 are applicable, the luminaire shall comply with both or all of the appropriate sections.
0.3.3 Semi-luminaires should be regarded as luminaires for test purposes.
0.4 General test requirements and verification
0.4.1 Tests according to this document are type tests. For the definition of a “type test”, see Section 1.
The requirements and tolerances permitted by this document are related to testing of a type test sample submitted for that purpose. Compliance of the type test sample does not ensure compliance of the whole production of a manufacturer. Compliance for production is the responsibility of the manufacturer and may include routine tests and quality assurance in addition to type testing.
0.4.2 Except where otherwise specified in the sections of this document or relevant part of IEC 60598-2, luminaires shall be tested as delivered, and installed as for normal use, in an ambient temperature of between 10 °C and 30 “C, having regard to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The lamp (or lamps) is (are) not included except where essential for the test.
Luminaires cannot be regarded as meeting the requirements of this document unless all internal wiring is complete.
In general, the tests are made on a single sample luminaire or, where a range of similar luminaires is involved, on a single luminaire of each rated wattage in the range or on a representative selection from the range as agreed with the manufacturer (see Annex S). This selection shall include the luminaire, together with any attachments, which represents the most unfavourable combination from a testing point of view.
Each sample luminaire shall comply with all the relevant tests. In order to reduce the time of testing and to allow for any tests which may be destructive, the manufacturer may submit additional luminaires or parts of luminaires, provided that these are of the same materials and design as the original luminaire and that the results of the test are the same as if carried out on an identical luminaire. Where the test for compliance is shown as being “by inspection”, this shall include any necessary handling.IEC 60598-1 pdf download.


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