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IEC 60598-2-8-2013 pdf free download

IEC 60598-2-8-2013 pdf free download.Luminaires – Part 2-8: Particular requirements – Handlamps.
8.4 General test requirements
8.4.1 The provisions of Section 0 of IEC 60598-1 apply together with the requirements of
8.4.2. The tests described in each appropriate section of Part I shall be carried out in the order listed in this Part 2-8.
8.4.2 The requirements of the third paragraph of 0.4.2 of Section 0 of IEC 60598-1 do not apply.
In general, four samples are necessary for the tests, three of which are subjected to the tests of 8.7.6. the fourth sample being subjected to the other tests.
All four samples shall be subjected to the test for rough service hand-held luminaires of 4.13.4 b) of IEC 60598-1.
For handlamps provided with a rubber protection cover, an additional sample is necessary for the test of 8.13.1.
Where a range of similar handlamps Is involved, the specified tests are made on a representative complete set from the range. This set shall include handlamps, together with any attachments, which represents the most unfavourable combination.
8.5 ClassifIcation of luminaires
Luminaires shall be classified in accordance with the provisions of Section 2 of IEC 60598-1 together with the requirements of 8.5.land 8.5.2.
8.5.1 According to the type of protection against electric shock, handlamps shall be classified as class II or class Ill.
8.5.2 According to the method of connecting the cable or cord, handlamps shall be classified as:
— rewirable handlamps, or
— non-rewirable handlamps.
8.6 Marking
The provisions of Section 3 of IEC 60598-1 apply, together with the requirements of 8.6.1, and 8.6.2.
8.6.1 The symbol for class II or class Ill, the marking for rated voltage of class Ill handlamps and the symbol for the degree of protection against dust and moisture shall be on the outside of the handlamp.
This requirement is met if the marking is visible from the outside through a translucent cover.
The marking for maximum rated wattage shall not be in paint or ink, even when protected by varnish.IEC 60598-2-8 pdf download.


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