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IEC 60704-2-13-2011 pdf download

IEC 60704-2-13-2011 pdf download.Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise – Part 2-13: Particular requirements for range hoods.
These particular requirements apply to electrical range hoods for household and similar use intended for filtering the air of a room or for exhausting the air out of a room, including their accessories and their component parts. It also applies to range hoods with an external tan which may be mounted inside or outside of the room where the range hood is located.
1.1.2 Types of noise
Replacement: The methods specified in ISO 3743-1, ISO 3743-2 and ISO 3744 can be used for measuring noise emitted by range hoods.
1.1.3 Size of source
Replacement: The method specified in ISO 3744 is applicable to noise sources of any size. When applying ISO 3743-1 and ISO 3743-2, care should be taken that the maximum size of the range hood under test fulfils the requirements specified in 1.3 of ISO 3743-1 and ISO 3743-2.
1.2 Object
Addition: This standard describes the determination of the noise emission of household range hoods under normal operating conditions and at the highest fan speed setting for normal use.
NOTE 101 If a boost position Is incorporated, this is not taken into account (see 6.501 IEC 61591).
NOTE 102 A boost position Is a setting of a control for occasional use, which results in a higher temporary fan speed (see 6.5 of IEC 61591).
Requirements for the declaration of noise emission values are not within the scope of this standard.
NOTE 103 For determining and verifying noise emission values declared in product specifications, see IEC 60704-3.
2 NormatIve references
This clause of Part 1 is applicable with the following addition:
IEC 61591:1997, Household range hoods — Methods for measuring performance
Amendment 1 (2005)1
Amendment 2 (2010)
ISO 7235:2003, Acoustics – Laboratory measurement procedures for ducted silencers and air- terminal units- insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss
3 Terms and definitions
This clause of Part 1 is applicable with the following addition:
3.101 range hood appliance installed over a hob and through which air is passed to remove contaminants from the room
[IEC 61591, definition 3.1]
3.102 recircuation-air range hood range hood containing filters to remove contaminants, after which the cleaned air is discharged back into the room
[IEC 61591, definition 3.2] IEC 60704-2-13 pdf free download.

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