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IEC 60811-100-2012 pdf free

IEC 60811-100-2012 pdf free.Electric and optical fibre cables – Test methods for non-metallic materials – Part 100: General.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in IEC 60050-461, together with the following, apply.
3.1 median value
when several test results have been obtained and ordered in an increasing (or decreasing) succession, the median value is the middle value if the number of available values is odd, and the mean of the two middle values if the number is even
4 Test values
Full test conditions (such as temperatures, durations. etc.) and full test requirements are not specified in the particular parts of IEC 60811. It is intended that they should be specified by the standard dealing with the relevant type of cable.
Rounding rules as specified in IEC 60502-1 shall be used, unless specified in particular parts.
Any test requirements which are given in the particular parts of IEC 60811 may be modified by the relevant cable standard to suit the needs of a particular type of cable.
5 ApplicabilIty
Conditioning values and testing parameters are specified where appropriate for the most common types of insulating and sheathing compounds and of cables.
Where not specified in particular parts, a minimum stabilization time of 16 h shall elapse after extrusion or application as appropriate, before testing.
Unless otherwise specified in particular parts, testing shall be carried out at room temperature: (23 ± 5) C.
6 Type tests and other tests
The test methods described in the particular parts of IEC 60811 are primarily intended to be used for type tests, In certain tests, where there are essential differences between the conditions for type tests and those for more frequent tests, such as routine tests, these differences are indicated.
7 Test report
The test report shall contain the following minimum information:
a) The type and identification of the tested material and of the cable from which it comes.
b) Reference to the particular part and test method of IEC 60811, where alternatives exist.
c) Test conditions, for example duration, temperature.
d) The date of the test.
e) The result of the test and associated specified requirements.
f) State compliance or non-compliance to specified requirements.
Any deviation from the specified procedure shall be recorded.IEC 60811-100 pdf download.

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