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IEC 60811-203-2012 pdf free

IEC 60811-203-2012 pdf free.Electric and optical fibre cables – Test methods for non-metallic materials – Part 203: General tests – Measurement of overall dimensions.
4 Test method
4.1 General
This part of IEC 60811 shall be used in conjunction with IEC 60811-100.
Unless otherwise specified, tests shall be carried out at room temperature.
The measurement of the overall dimensions over the insulation of cores or over the sheath may be required as individual tests or as steps in the procedure for carrying out other tests. The methods used in 4.2 below are for general use, except where the procedure for a particular test specifies a different or alternative method.
In each case, the method of selecting samples shall be in accordance with the relevant cable standard.
4.2 Measuring procedure
The measuring procedure shall be as follows:
a) For cables with overall dimensions not exceeding 25 mm, the measurements shall be made by means of a micrometer, a profile projector or similar apparatus, in two directions perpendicular to each other.
For measurements made in the course of routine tests, it is permissible to use a dial micrometer or a vernier calliper, care being taken to limit the pressure.
b) If the overall diameter exceeds 25 mm, the circumference of the cable shall be measured by means of a measuring tape, and the diameter shall be calculated. Alternatively, a direct reading diameter tape can be used.
C) For flat cables, the measurements shall be made along the major and minor axes of the cross-section by means of a micrometer, a profile projector or similar apparatus.
Unless otherwise specified in the relevant cable design standard, the reading shall be made to one decimal place of a millimetre for dimensions up to and including 25 mm. and to the nearest 0,5 mm for dimensions exceeding 25 mm.
4.3 EvaluatIon of the measurement results
The results shall be evaluated as specified in the test requirements of the relevant cable
5 Test report
The test report shall be in accordance with that given in IEC 60811-100.IEC 60811-203 pdf free download.

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