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IEC 61058-2-4-2018 pdf free

IEC 61058-2-4-2018 pdf free.Switches for appliances – Part 2-4: Particular requirements for independently mounted switches.
9 Protection against electric shock
Clause 9 of IEC 61058-1:2016 is applicable, except as follows.
9.1 Addition of the following sentence to a):
The switch shall be fitted with the conductor of the smallest or largest nominal cross-sectional area according to Table 4 whichever is more unfavourable, or with a rigid conduit, a pliable conduit or a flexible conduit.
Addition to d):
This test finger, with an electrical indicator, is not applied to membranes in inlet openings and is applied to thin-walled knock-outs with a force of only 10 N.
Additional subclause:
9.101 Switches operated by means of a removable key or by means of an intermediate part, such as a cord, a chain or a rod, shall be so designed that the key or intermediate part can only touch parts which are insulated from live parts.
The key or intermediate part shall be insulated from metal parts of the mechanism, unless the clearances and creepage distances between live parts and metal parts of the mechanism have at least the values specified in 20.2.5 and 20.4.5.
Compliance is checked by inspection, by the test of 15.3 and, if necessary, by measurement.
NOTE Lacquer or enamel Is not considered to be insulating material br the purpose of 9.101.
10 Provision for earthing
Clause 10 of IEC 61058-1:2016 is applicable.
11 Terminals and terminations
Clause 11 of lEG 61058-1:2016 is applicable.
12 Construction
Clause 12 of IEC 61058-1:2016 is not applicable.
Additional subclauses:
12.101 Insulating linings, barriers and the like, shall have adequate mechanical strength and
shall be secured in a reliable manner.
Compliance is checked by inspection after the tests of Clause 18.
12.102 Switches shall be so constructed as to permit:
• easy introduction and connection of the conductors in the terminals;
• adequate space between the underside of the base and the surface on which the base is mounted or between the sides of the base and the enclosure (cover or box) so that, after installation of the switch, the insulation of the conductors does not come in contact with live parts of different polarity or with moving parts of the mechanism, such as the spindle of a rotary switch;
NOTE This requirement does not imply that the metal parts of the terminals are necessarily protected by Insulating barriers or insulating shoulders to avoid contact, due to Incorrect installation of the terminal metal parts, with the insulation of the conductor.
• easy fixing of the base to a wall or in a box and correct positioning of the conductors. For surface-type switches, mounted on a mounting plate, a wiring channel may be needed to comply with this requirement.
In addition, switches classified according to 7.1O1.1 (design A switch) shall permit an easy positioning and removal of the cover or cover plate, without displacing the conductors.
Compliance is checked by inspection and by an installation test with conductors of the largest cross-sectional area for the relevant terminal size, in Table 4.
12.103 Covers and cover plates or parts thereof, which are intended to ensure protection against electric shock, shall be held in place at two or more points by effective fixing.
Covers and cover plates or parts thereof may be fixed by means of a single fixing, for example by a screw, provided that they are retained in position by another means (e.g. by a shoulder).
It is recommended that the fixings of covers and cover plates or parts thereof be captive. The use of tight fixing washers of cardboard or the like is deemed to be an adequate method for securing screws intended to be captive.
NOTE Live parts and non-earthed metal parts separated from live parts in such a way that creepage distances and clearances have values specified in Clause 20 are not considered as accessible If the requirements of 12.103 are met.
For switches with a degree of protection IPXO, the fixing of covers or cover plates shall not serve to fix any other part, except the knobs.IEC 61058-2-4 pdf download.

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