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IEC 61287-1-2014 pdf download

IEC 61287-1-2014 pdf download.Railway applications – Power converters installed on board rolling stock- Part 1: Characteristics and test methods.
The desegn process shall be visible and audible.
If the user requires details of this process for tender evaluation, the user shall define this in the
tender documents.
4.1.2 Marking Nameplate
The converter shall be provided with a nameplate which shall be readable during the useful life of the converter and on which at least the following is inscribed:
— manufacturer’s mark:
— number of main drawing and revision number and/or type designation;
— serial number;
— year of manufacture;
— mass. Main terminals
The marking of the main terminals shall comply with the specifications given in lEG 61148.
4.1.3 Technical documentation DocumentatIon supplied by the manufacturer
Documentation about the use and maintenance of the converter shall be providea by the manufacturer and shall include the following:
— device description (including functional description and technical data);
— type and routine test specification (list of tests, test methods. limits, tolerances, test conditions, acceptance criteria);
— results of the specified tests (test certificate);
— commissioning instructions:
— operating instructions;
— maintenance instructions:
— repair instructions;
— description of special tools for maintenance and repair purposes, if any:
— training programme and supporting media, to be detailed by agreement between the manufacturer and the user;
— declaration of materials which are required to be treated as special waste, when they are removed from service (either alone or with the converter). DocumentatIon to be supplied by the user
The user shall, if necessary. furnish a specification, which is primarily intended to give details of the agreements listed In Annex B. It is only necessary to enter an item In the specification If it differs from the normal requirement in this standard. The specification may also contain:
— general technical description of the application;
— special service conditions;
— supply system characteristics;
— load profile and duty cycles;
— EMC requirements:
— cooling requirements:
— ambient conditions:
— safety measures including fire behaviour requirements:
— features of electrical and mechanical design;
— details of the available maintenance and repair facilities.
Requirements shall be clear and univocal,
For example, statements which are not quantified like Equipment shall not interfere with signalling and telecommunication facilities.” are not acceptable.
4.1.4 ReliabIlity, availability, maintainability and safety Reliabkllty
The user may require the manufacturer to predict the reliability figure or meet the user’s reliability target, The method of calculation shall be agreed between the manufacturer and the user at the time of tendering.
The specification and verification of the reliability requirements shall be in accordance with
IEC 62278, Availability
The user may require the manufacturer to predict the availability figure or meet the user’s availability target. The method of calculation shall be agreed between the manufacturer and the user at the time of tendering.IEC 61287-1 pdf download.

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