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IEC 61853-1-2011 pdf free

IEC 61853-1-2011 pdf free.Photovoltaic (PV) module performance testing and energy rating – Part 1: Irradiance and temperature performance measurements and power rating.
This part of IEC 61853 describes requirements for evaluating PV module performance in terms of power (watts) rating over a range of irradiances and temperatures. IEC 618532 describes test procedures for measuring the performance effect of angle of incidence; the estimation of module temperature from irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed: and impact of spectral response on energy production. IEC 61853-3 describes the calculations of PV module energy (watt-hours) ratings. IEC 61853-4 describes the standard time periods and weather conditions that can be utilized for calculating standardized energy ratings.
The object of this part of IEC 61853 is to define a testing and rating system, which provides the PV module power (watts) at maximum power operation for a set of defined conditions. A second purpose is to provide a full set of characterization parameters for the module under various values of irradiance and temperature. This set of measurements is required in order to perform the module energy rating described in IEC 61 853-3.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60410, Sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes
IEC 60891 :2009, Photovoltaic devices — Procedures for temperature and irradiance corrections to measured I-V characteristics
IEC 60904-1, Photovoltaic devices — Part 1: Measurement of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics
IEC 60904-2, Photovoltaic devices — Part 2: Requirements for reference solar devices
IEC 60904.3, Photovoltaic devices — Part 3: Measurement principles for terrestrial photo voltaic (PV) solar devices with reference spectral irradiance data
lEG 60904-5, Photovoltaic devices — Part 5: Determination of equivalent cell temperature (ECT) of photo voltaic (PV) devices by the open-circuit voltage method
IEC 60904-7, Photovoltaic devices — Part 7: Computation of spectral mismatch correction for measurements of photovoltaic devices
lEG 60904-9, Photovoltaic devices — Part 9: Solar simulator performance requirements IEC 60904-10, Photovoltaic devices — Part 10: Methods of linearity measurement
3 Sampling
For performance qualification testing three modules shall be selected at random from a production batch or batches in accordance with the procedure given in IEC 60410. The modules shall be pre-conditioned in accordance with Clause 5 to ensure the stability of the power values.
The modules shall have been manufactured from specified materials and components in accordance with the relevant drawings and process sheets and shall have been subjected to the manufacture’s normal inspection, quality control and production acceptance procedures. The modules shall be complete in every detail and shall be accompanied by the manufacturers handling and final assembly instructions regarding the recommended installation of any diodes, frames, brackets. etc.
When the modules to be tested are prototypes of a new design and not from production, this fact shall be noted in the test report (see Clause 6).
4 MarkIng
Each module shall carry the following clear and indelible markings:
— name, monogram or symbol of the manufacturer:
— type or model number;
— serial number:
— polarity of terminals or leads (colour coding is permissible);
— nominal and minimum values of maximum output power at STC after preconditioning, as specified by the manufacturer for the product type (see Clause 5).
The date and place of manufacture shall be marked on the module or be traceable from the serial number.
For future production the power ratings for NOCT. LIC, HTC and LTC determined by this standard as defined in Clause 7 and Table 1 and determined via the procedure in 9.2 shall be marked on a label, or be stated in the manufacturer’s literature provided with each module of this type.
5 Testing and pass criteria
The modules shall be subjected to the procedure for irradiance and temperature performance measurements defined in Clause 8. In carrying out the tests, the manufacturer’s handling, mounting and connection instructions shall be observed.IEC 61853-1 pdf free download.

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