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IEC 62217-2012 pdf download

IEC 62217-2012 pdf download.Polymeric HV insulators for indoor and outdoor use – General definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria.
The manufacturers drawing shall show the relevant dimensions and information necessary for identifying and testing the insulator in accordance with this International Standard and the applicable IEC product standard(s). The drawing shall also show applicable manufacturing tolerances.
Each insulator shall be marked with the name or trademark of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture. In addition, each insulator shall be marked with the rated characteristics specified in the relevant IEC product standards. These markings shall be legible, indelible and their fixings (if any) weather- and corrosion-proof.
5 Environmental conditions
The normal environmental conditions to which insulators are submitted in service are defined according to Table 1.
When special environmental conditions prevail at the location where insulators are to be put in service, they shall be specified by the user by reference to lEG 60721-1.
6 Information on transport, storage and installation
Manufacturers of insulators shall provide appropriate instructions and information covering general conditions during transport, storage and installation of the insulators. These instructions can include recommendations for cleaning or maintenance.
7 Classification of tests
The tests are divided into tour groups as follows:
7.1 DesIgn tests
The design tests are intended to verity the suitability of the design, materials and method of manufacture (technology).
A polymeric insulator design is generally defined by:
— materials of the core, housing and manufacturing method;
— material of the end fittings, their design, and method of attachment:
— layer thickness of the housing over the core (including a sheath where used).
Additional parameters defining design may be given in the relevant product standard. When changes in the design of a polymeric insulator occur, re-qualification shall be carried Out according to the prescriptions of the relevant product standard. Typically, only part of the tests is repeated. A survey of the tests is given in Annex C.
When a polymeric insulator is submitted to the design tests, it becomes a parent insulator for a design class and the results shall be considered valid for the whole class. This tested parent insulator defines a design class of insulators which have the following characteristics:
a) same materials for the core and housing and same manufacturing method;
b) same material of the end fittings, the same design and the same method of attachment.
7.2 Type tests
The type tests are intended to verify the main characteristics of a polymeric insulator, which depend mainly on its shape and size. Type tests shall be applied to polymeric insulators belonging to an already qualified design class. The type tests shall be repeated only when the type of the polymeric insulator is changed. The parameters defining a type of polymeric insulator are given in the relevant product standard.
The applicable type tests are given in the relevant product standard.
7.3 Sample tests
The sample tests are intended to verify the characteristics of polymeric insulators which depend on the quality of manufacture and on the materials used. They are made on insulators taken at random from lots offered for acceptance.
The applicable sample tests are given in the relevant product standard.
7.4 Routine tests
These tests are intended to eliminate polymeric insulators with manufacturing defects. They are carried out on every insulator to be supplied.
The applicable routine tests are given in the relevant product standard.
8 General requirements for Insulator test specimens
Insulator test specimens for tests of polymeric insulators shall be checked prior to tests:
• for correct assembly, for example by applying the mechanical routine test specified in the relevant product standard.
• by visual examination according to the relevant product standard;
• for conformance of dimensions with the actual drawing.IEC 62217 pdf download.

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