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IEC 62281-2019 pdf free

IEC 62281-2019 pdf free.Safety of primary and secondary lithium cells and batteries during transport.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
• IEC Electropedia: available at http://www.electropedia.org/
• ISO Online browsing platform: available at http://www.iso.org/obp
3.1 aggregate lithium content total lithium content of the cells comprising a battery
3.2 battery one or more cells electrically connected and fitted in a case, with terminals, markings and protective devices etc.. as necessary for use
Note 1 to entry: This definition Is different from the definition used In the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria 112) This document was. however, carefully prepared so that the test sel-up for each test Is harmonized with the UN Manual,
Note 2 to entry: A cell used in equipment where the equipment is providing the functions of a case, terminals, markings and protective devices etc., as necessary for use in the .quipm.nt. Is. for the purposes of this document. considered to be a battery.
[SOURCE: IEC 60050-482:2004 [1], 482-01-04, modified — Reference to electrically connected has been added.j
3.3 battery assembly battery comprising two or more batteries
3.4 coin cell or battery lithium button cell or battery small round cell or battery where the overall height is less than the diameter, containing non- aqueous electrolyte
Note 1 to entry: The nominal voltage of lithium batteries is typically greater than 2 V. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-482:2004,482-02-40, modified – The definition “small round cell or battery” replaces the original “cell with a cylindrical shape”, “containing non-aqueous electrolyte” was added, the term “lithium button” was added]
3.5  cell basic functional unit, consisting of an assembly of electrodes, electrolyte, container, terminals and, usually, separators that is a source of electric energy obtained by direct conversion of chemical energy [SOURCE: IEC 60050-482:2004, 482-01-01]
3.6 component cell cell contained in a battery
3.7 cycle <of a secondary (rechargeable) cell or battery> set of operations that is carried out on a secondary (rechargeable) cell or battery and is repeated regularly in the same sequence.IEC 62281 pdf download.

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