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IEC 63034-2020 pdf free.Microspeakers Micro-haut-parleurs.
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
• IEC Electropedia: available at http://www.electropedia.org/
• ISO Online browsing platform: available at http://www.iso.org/obp
3.1 Terms and definitions
3.1.1 micros peaker loudspeaker, the radiating element (diaphragm or other radiator) of which is not greater than 40mm
Note I to entry: The term “microspeaker applies to the microspeaker unit (transducer) and also to passive microspeaker systems. which consist of one or more transducers provided with acoustical structures (eg chamber, port, aperture).
3.2 Abbreviated terms
HOHD higher-order harmonic distortion
4 Conditions of measurement
4.1 Rated measuring conditions
For convenience, this document specifies how sound system equipment shall be set up for measurement. Normal measuring conditions are defined in this document. To obtain the actual conditions for measurement, some values (known as rated conditions”) shall be taken from the manufacturer’s specification.
These rated conditions are not subjected to measurement, but they constitute the basis for performing the measurements to determine the other characteristics.
The following rated conditions are of this type, and shall be stated by the manufacturer:
— rated impedance;
— rated sinusoidal voltage or power;
— rated noise voltage or power:
— rated frequency range;
— rated geometrical condition;
— rated climatic conditions.
NOTE A full explanation of the term “rated” is provided in IEC 60268.2. See also term 151-16-08 in IEC 60050.
4.2 Climatic conditions
IEC 60268-1 states that tests should be carried out in the following environment in order to prevent the influence of temperature and humidity that can affect the properties of microspeakers.
— ambient temperature: 15 CC to 35 CC;
— relative humidity: 25 % to 75 %;
— air pressure: 86 kPa to 106 kPa.
And the standard climatic conditions for arbitration testing are as follows:
— ambient temperature: (23 ± 1) “C;
— relative humidity: 48 % to 52 %;
— air pressure: 86 kPa to 106 kPa.
4.3 Normal measuring conditions
The microspeaker is understood to be working under normal measuring conditions when all the following conditions are fulfilled:
a) the acoustical environment is specified, and chosen from the ones specified in Clause 5;
b) the microspeaker to be measured is mounted in accordance with Clause 6.IEC 63034 pdf free download.

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