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IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1-2012 pdf download

IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1-2012 pdf download.Utility connections in port – Part 1: High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems – General requirements.
The design and construction shall be integrated and coordinated among the parties responsible for shore and ship HVSC systems.
System integration of shore and ship HVSC systems shall be managed by a single designated party and shall be performed in accordance with a defined procedure identifying the roles, responsibilities and requirements of all parties involved.
4.4.2 System operation
During the operation of HVSC systems, PlC(s) shall be identified at the shore facility and on
board the ship for the purposes of communication.
The PlC(s) shall be provided with sufficient information, instructions, tools and other resources for safety and efficiency of these activities.
4.5 Personnel safety
Construction of the HV equipment and operating safety procedures shall provide for the safety of personnel during the establishment of the connection of the ship supply, during all normal operations, in the event of a failure, during disconnection and when not in use.
The use of the term “safe is not intended to suggest or guarantee that absolute safety can be achieved in any situation andlor by compliance with the recommended practices set forth herein. The use of terms such as safe, intrinsically safe,”“electrically safe work practices,”‘safe work condition,”“safe work environment,” safe design,” safe distance,”“safe work method,” safe work area,”“safe use,” etc. describe practices, conditions, etc. In which safety risks are minimized but not eliminated absolutely, such that safety is not guaranteed.
4.6 Design requirements
4.6.1 General
Protection and safety systems shall be designed based on the fail safe principle.
Suitable warning notices shall be provided at locations along connection equipment routes including connection locations.
4.6.2 Protection against moisture and condensation
Effective means shall be provided to prevent accumulation of moisture and condensation. even if equipment is idle for appreciable periods.
4.6.3 Location and construction
HVSC equipment shall be installed in access controlled spaces.IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1 pdf download.

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