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IEC/TR 62635-2012 pdf free

IEC/TR 62635-2012 pdf free.Guidelines for end-of-life information provided by manufacturers and recyclers and for recyclability rate calculation of electrical and electronic equipment.
Provision of product information provides a method for manufacturers or other product suppliers to make EoL product information available to relevant stakeholders. Information can be provided on paper or in electronic form. Where a direct information transfer cannot be guaranteed, an electronic form can be made available on a website.Details of information are given in 5.2 to 5.4.
The format given in Annex B should be used preferably for information from the manufacturer. Sketches, drawings or pictures are recommended to ease the interpretation.
5.2 Product identification Product identification should contain:
a) manufacturer identification and contact details;
b) name, model or type of product;
c) total product mass — when relevant, the manufacturer should indicate which accessories or consumables are included in the mass. Dimensions may also be indicated:
d) date of information release — it is recommended to include a revision history:
e) product characteristics that may lead to special transportation requirements.
5.3 Indentification of potential hazards
Manufacturers should provide information which identifies the sources of potential hazards to recycling or recovery personnel. Examples include but are not limited to batteries, power capacitors, springs, high pressure fluids or gasses.
5.4 Parts identification for dismantling
5.4.1 General
The manufacturer should provide the identification of parts that may not be readily identified by recyclers and for which dismantling is recommended, so that recyclers can perform optimized EoL operations in compliance with regulations local to the recycling facility or required by contractual agreement.
This information is also used to calculate recyclability and recoverability rates of the product as described in Clause 7.
Guidelines for defining these parts for dismantling and based on EoL current practices are given in 5.4.2 to 5.4.4. It is assumed that further part dismantling would not improve EoL treatment safety or efficiency and that remaining parts can be processed as a whole in any mechanical, chemical, thermal or other means to separate recyclable materials.
For each part that requires removal, the following information should be declared based on
the need of recyclers:
• identification of the part:
• purpose for dismantling:
• location;
• part mass.IEC/TR 62635 pdf free download.

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