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IEC/TR 62794-2012 pdf free

IEC/TR 62794-2012 pdf free.Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Reference model for representation of production facilities (digital factory).
BE relationships have four attributes listed below, and further specified in 5.3,2 to 5.3.5:
• relationship type specifies whether the BE relationship is structural or operational;
• duration specifies whether the BE relationship is permanent or temporary.
• timing indicates when a BE relationship will be established and when it will be deestablished:
• operation specifies whether the BE relationship represents a data transfer (unidirectional or bidirectional), or the start of an action.
All possible combinations of relationship types and their graphical representation are defined in 5.3.6.
5.3.2 Relationship type attribute General
Two types of BE relationships may exist in a digital factory:
• structural type:
• operational type.
A complete model of the automation asset should include both structural and behavioural aspects (see ISO 15704:2000, The BE relationship type concept defined in this document is for the structural and operational aspects only, within or between the automation assets. Structural relationship type
The structural relationship type describes how basic elements are organized within or between automation assets.
The following example shows how the reference model can be applied to view the structural information for a single PLC.
In Figure 8 a view of the automation asset PLC consists of hardware Ci with associated application software Fl and F2.
The PLC. with an additional communication board Ccom, is located at the position Li and has a performance PT, as well as associated business properties Bi. Operational relationship type
The operational type describes the information and action flow between the basic elements, within or between automation assets.
The operational relationship type is of the kind:
• information flow to or between (unidirectional or bidirectional data transfer);
• action to (e.g. start of a program).
The nature of an operational relationship may be indicated using the operation attribute.
The example in Figure 9 shows how the reference model can be applied to describe structural and operational information for three devices (a sensor, a controller and an actuator).
The three devices have hardware C2, C3 and C4. Each device has a different location element L2. L3 and L4, different business elements B2. B3 and 84 and performance elements P2, P3, and P4. Each device has an attached software function Fl, F2. F3. The functional elements Fl. F2 and F3 have an operational relationship.IEC/TR 62794 pdf download.

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