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ISO/IEC TS 27570-2021 pdf free

ISO/IEC TS 27570-2021 pdf free.Privacy protection一Privacy guidel ines for smart cities.
A smart city aims at the effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens. It is a shared vision among city stakeholders to achieve a number of desired outcomes: well-being, transparency, sustainability, economic development, efficiency and resilience, collaboration and innovation. In this vision, economic development and innovation leverage ICT technology (e.g. loT, big data, Al. cloud computing), and require a system of systems view to enable the integration of sector-specific systems (e.g. energy, transport, health). The integration of privacy is a major concern. Guidance needs to he provided on how smart cities can follow the ISO/IEC 29100 principles:
— consent and choice;
— purpose legitimacy and specification;
— collection limitation;
— data minimization;
— use, retention and disclosure limitation;
— accuracy and quality;
— openness, transparency and access;
— accountability;
— information security; and
— privacy compliance.
5.2 Integration of privacy in the smart city reference framework
5.2.1 Smart city ICT reference framework in the ISO/IEC 30145 series
Figure 4 describes the smart city ICT reference framework in the ISO/IEC 30145 series. It consists of three frameworks:
— a business process framework which specifies the essential processes in the areas of governance, core business and support;
— a knowledge management framework which provides guidance on the modelling and management of knowledge for smart city business and operations; and
— an engineering management framework which provides a set of icr layers for smart cities operation, I.e. the smart application layer, the data and service supporting layer, the communication and storage layer, the network communication layer and data acquisition layer.
The business process framework includes:
— governance processes, which focus on the establishment of policies, and the continuous monitoring of their proper implementation by governing bodies of a smart city, e.g. local public authorities; and
— core business and support processes, which focus on the running of business processes according to the smart city policies by smart city agencies or delegated business organizations. ISO/IEC TS 27570 pdf free download.

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