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PD IEC TR 63074:2019 pdf free download

PD IEC TR 63074:2019 pdf free download.Safety of machinery – Security aspects related to functional safety of safety-related control systems.
4 Safety and security overview
4.1 General
The relationship between safety and security aspects can be characterized as follows:
— a machine has appropriate protective measures;
— security countermeasures applied for a machine are to be appropriate in order to avoid degradation of the performance of protective measures that implement safety function(s).
NOTE Persons who are qualified to implement security countermeasures are not necessarily the same people who are qualified to implement SCS. Therefore it is reasonable to mutually exchange information and support
4.2 Safety objectives
Safety of machinery is based on (safety) risk assessment according to ISO 12100, or by following a type-C standard for specific machine types, in combination with the derived risk reduction measures which can be performed by safety function(s).
NOTE The risk assessment including the implemented risk reduction measures is applied by the designers during the development of machinery to enable the design of machines that are safe for their intended use.
Safety function(s) that are performed by a SCS shall achieve a safety integrity level equivalent to SIL according to IEC 62061 or PL according to ISO 13849-1.
4.3 Security objectives
In general terms security is focused mainly on achieving three objectives: confidentiality, integrity and availability.
NOTE 1 Security objectives are for example;
— Integrity a9ainst manipulations;
— Confidentiality by means of methods commonly accepted by both the security and industrial automation communities;
— Availability (usually and very generally) of machine(s) (Including safety functions).
Security risks will be evaluated by using a security risk assessment in order to identify the security objectives.
A security risk assessment is based on a product I system in its environment on which threats and known vulnerabilities are applied. The aim of this activity is to derive relevant security countermeasures applied for a machine to fulfil the overall security objectives.
NOTE 2 See also 5.5 of IEC TS 62443-1-1:2009.
In the context of safety of machinery, the security countermeasures are intended to protect the ability to maintain safe operation of a machine and their implementation should not adversely affect any safety function (see Figure 1).
NOTE 3 Essential functions according to IEC 62443-3-3 Include safety functions.
Due to the nature of threats and known vulnerabilities, the security risk assessment should be
event driven or periodic (periodic security review), see also Annex B.
NOTE 4 See also IEC TS 62443-1-1, security level lifecycle.
NOTE 5 Security risk assessment and management Is vital in determining exactly what needs to be protected and how this can be achieved.
Figure 2 shows in this context the possible effects of security risk(s) to an SCS.PD IEC TR 63074 pdf download.

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